Honor Buckles

“If we’re creating this for the people that have put their ‘life on the line’ for our country, it needs to be the best it can possibly be.”
Founder of Honor Buckle

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Honor Buckle is the highest 'Gift of Honor' that a civilian can give to someone who has served our country in the capacity of the military, law enforcement, or fire fighters…. those who put their life on the line for "U.S."

The Honor Buckle is a very high quality belt buckle that was created so that the honored person's dog tag can be inserted into the buckle and displayed.

The Honor Buckle is solid brass and triple plated, choose from: Chrome, Brushed Chrome, or 24K Gold. Solid Silver or Gold available. Lettering is powder coated for highest quality finish.

Proudly wear your Honor Buckle in remembrance of the service and sacrifice given by all, and for those that have served and "given all."

Custom Handmade in USA

What recipients say…

“I wear mine every day and folks that see it ask me where they can get one.”

“Very worthy of the life it represents… this is great.”

“You couldn’t have made it any better. It’s simple and very high quality.”

“What a neat gift, I’d think every veteran would want one.”

“This is a lot heavier than I thought.”

Proceeds go to Disabled Veterans

Plus, nonprofit organizations may use Honor Buckle for Fundraising. See Fundraising page for more info.

'Lord, keep our servicemen and women safe, whether they serve at home or overseas. Hold them in your loving hands and protect them as they protect us. Amen'
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