Dog Tags

These Dog Tags are examples, all information on them is imaginative with any similarities being coincidental.

This dog tag shape became the norm sometime during WWII and is the same today. Other shapes and sizes exist, and the originality of those older dog tags is of value to the owner. However, they will not fit into the Honor Buckle.

If you are the owner of an older shape dog tag, or have lost the original dog tags, we recommend the information be placed on a new dog tag of the current shape. Dog tags can be purchased from Also view our FAQ's regarding different types of dog tags.

There are 2 types of lettering on dog tags, Debossed (punched) and Embossed (raised). The older and more "salty" tags are debossed and the rolled edging is to the backside. The famous notched tag is still available. Most of the current suppliers produce Embossed dog tags, some with edging on the front and some on the back. An Internet search on your computer will find many choices.

For information on the black dog tag, please see our FAQ's.

Sample Images

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